Webinar: CRISPR & HiBiT - A perfect team for endogenous protein reporter assays

19 Jan, 2021



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you are cordially invited to join our webinar including live Q&A session on  

CRISPR & HiBiT – A perfect team for endogenous protein reporter assays! 

Wednesday, January 20th, 10 am CET  

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In this webinar you will learn more about the use of CRISPR Knock-In technology in combination with the HiBiT protein tagging system. This combination enables the construction of cellular reporter assays for a wide variety of research questions. The benefits of CRISPR & HiBiT is illustrated with examples of the following research topics:


•    Protein degradation

•    Signal transduction

•    Protein secretion

•    Target cell killing

•    Receptor trafficking


Assays for endpoint measurements and for real-time kinetic measurements are discussed.



We’re looking forward to you!


Your Promega Team



Background Information


Research on cellular protein regulation mechanisms is fundamental to understanding biological systems and developing effective therapeutic agents. This requires simple methods and test systems that can measure changes in endogenous protein levels, both quantitatively and temporally. The traditional western blot - with all its disadvantages - is still the method of choice for the quantification of endogenous protein levels. The CRISPR Knock-In technology in combination with the HiBiT Protein Tag represents a new method that enables scientists to endogenously label proteins (genes) and quantify them within a few minutes with easy-to-use assays. The detection is carried out with a bioluminescent assay, which detects the HiBiT-labeled protein – without the use of antibodies and time-consuming washing steps.





Dr. Erik Bonke

Application Specialist, Promega GmbH 



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