Imaging User Meeting, May 17-18, 2022
10 Apr 2022


2022 Global CE-MS Symposium : Explore biologics applications of CE-MS
10 Apr 2022

  [2022 Global CE-MS Symposium] Explore biologic applications of CE-MS with Dr. Kristin Schultz-Kuszak, Dr. Kristen Nields and more! (  

Virtual Workshop Romania: Analiza "headspace" in industria farmaceutica
10 Apr 2022

Analiza "headspace" in industria farmaceutica Dexter Com impreuna cu Lighthouse Instruments - USA va invita sa participati la atelierul virtual...

The Role of Diagnostic Tests and Sequencing in Managing a Pandemic
26 Feb 2021

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Webinar invite: LC-MS/MS methods for the analysis of nitrosamine impurities
19 Feb 2021


Immunochemotherapy webinar, new interactive Wnt pathway, and our Cell Cycle Club digital conference
16 Feb 2021

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Biolog Webinar - How cells survive anti-microbial drugs with Dr. Mehmet Orman
04 Feb 2021

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Masuri fiscal-bugetare in vigoare de la 1 ianuarie 2021
02 Feb 2021

Conform OUG 226/30.12.2020 art. XIV, alin. (1) si (2) incepand cu data de 1 ianuarie 2021 livrarile de dispozitive medicale utilizate in diagnosticul...

Webinar: CRISPR & HiBiT - A perfect team for endogenous protein reporter assays
19 Jan 2021


Webinar: Functional Analysis of Microbial Communities: The Phenotypic Approach
11 Dec 2020

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Webinar: Sanger Sequencing and Fragment Analysis at Your Convenience
27 Oct 2020

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Microbiome Origins of Creeping Fat in Crohn’s Disease
25 Oct 2020

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Biolog Webinar: Analysis of Microbial Genomic and Phenotypic Data using DuctApe Software
25 May 2020

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Mesaj catre colaboratori
23 May 2020

Dragi colaboratori, Încă de la începutul crizei provocate de răspindirea Coronavirus SARS-Cov-2 în țara noastră, Dexter Com s-a alăturat...

Promega- Webinars are always on!
11 May 2020

Dear forensics customers,   We are facing exceptional times and to protect ourselves and our community some of us are at least partly confined...

Next Generation Biologics Webinar Series
11 May 2020

April 23 | April 30 | May 7, 2020 | 8 AM (PDT) / 11 AM (EDT) Are you working on next generation biologics, such as Gene Therapy, Oligonucleotides and...

COVID-19 Updates
03 Jan 2019

Odată cu apariția COVID-19 în Europa, Dextercom și-a intensificat activitatea pentru a ajuta spitalele și instituțiile din Romania în combaterea...